Useful Tips

  1. Please have the tickets for the activities by mail, call  or sms, atleast one day in advance, for the proper arrangement of the same.  Booking time by phone, between 11 am. to 2pm. and 8 pm. to 10.30 pm.  The contact mobile no. is: +919995777390 and email address is:

  2. Please do bring drinking water, first aid, mosquito repellent, sun cream, sun glasses, rain jackets, torch etc. with you, according to the different activities conducted on the different times of the day.

  3. Select your program in accordance with your age and health conditions.

  4. There can be situational changes in the programme schedule; however will try to stick on the timings of the shedule  mentioned in the activities page.

  5. Please co-operate with your local guide, to maintain the quality of the programme and make it as an invaluable experience.  

  6. Please avoid taking photographs of the people from a close proximity (but, can go for it, if they permits).

  7. Other than walks, canoeing and cycling; we will try to  use local transport system as much as possible to reduce carbon emissions – to make our programmes eco-friendly and people friendly.

  8. Whichever activities you engaged with, the topography/ terrains are the same.

  9. Except few common crossing points, all programs we conduct will be going through different villages/islands of the backwaters region.

  10. Going for canoeing and cycling, subject to the availability of the canoes and cycles.

  11. If we seriously feel like you’re not satisfied with our  programs, the money you paid for the activity will be re-funded other than the operational expenses.

  12. The programs mentioned are conducted by eco-tracks, the activity part of  Community Greenpalm Homes(CGPH.).  Suggestions and critical opinions will be much appreciated, for the improvement of  our programmes.

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