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We present “Eco Tracks” (ECO Tours & Responsible Activities by Community Keen to Serve) , as a special edition of the activities promoted by Greenpalmhomes community; when the community is nearing to it’s Silver Jubilee of establishment.  The motive behind this special edition, is to give away endowments to our honourable guests, and to our home community.

What we offer as ‘endowment’ to our guests, are the 100% Eco – activities or programs conducted in the backwater villages. While passing through the off beaten tracks of tourism, our guests can engage with a handful of activities (self guided/guided) like walks, canoe cruises, cycling, journey through the public transport etc.. .

What we’re getting as ‘special gifts’, is  the chance to interact with people of various walks of life  and cultural background around the globe, while host community provides food or the other services to their honourable guests; besides the monetary benefits accruing for their big and small efforts.

Contact person :

Thomas Zachariahs (Co-ordinator programs. & PR.)

Mobile phone : +919995777390, +919495557675

E-mail :


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